Apologies for the diminished ending to the cooking challenge posts.
If you're wondering, yes I did complete them (despite the burst of tears from frustration at the end).

For the remaining 10 cooking, here's what I cooked.
* Kelepon (Indonesian style glutinous rice dumpling with palm sugar) - Kopi Susu 2: Cooking with Ibu Trish: Kelepon
* Teriyaki Chicken with Sunrice Chicken Rice
* Jamie Oliver's Chicken Stew (served with normal Cous Cous & Israeli Cous Cous mix and Brumby's Damper)
* Blueberry Muffin ala Exclusively Food
* Vegetarian Green Curry (with instant paste recommended by my little brother, plus a whole lot other ingredients, e.g. Fish Sauce, ginger, etc).
* Marinara Linguine (
* Cheesy Peas ala Jamie Oliver
* Turkey Sausage Rolls (YUM!) - recipe
* Jamie Oliver Cauliflower Risotto (delicious!)

Last, but certainly not least (both effort wise and in product)...
"Aria Chocolate Tart"
I'm quite convinced that it's my finest work. :)

I've posted the complete cooking challenge photos in my Facebook Photo Album.
You're welcome to browse (and leave comments).

With this, I'd like to thank you all for the patron.
It's been fun sharing my stories, my thoughts and my ramblings here.
But it's time for me to move on.

I will no longer write new post for this blog.
If you miss me :), by all means, check out my photos at One Melbourne Photographer, message me on Facebook, or browse my tweets on twitter.
I will also continue to share any interesting posts that I found and enjoyed, on Google Reader.

Don't forget to have fun and live life to the fullest.
Thank you very much!

An Apartment

... It looks like it came out straight from magazine, and I love it. :)
Mmm - I'd probably fix up the bathroom a bit, but otherwise... the look, the location, the feel... totally right up my alley! :)

Reinforcement Learning

A Reinforcement Learning (more information here) Intelligent Agent would be screwed if the reward mechanism isn't coded correctly.
Say, if we were to give it 10 reward points for every time it litters and 1 reward points for each time it throws rubbish to the bin, with the goal being to reach 50 reward points (yes, a stupid example..).
It should never throw rubbish to the bin after it's first "exploration" of throwing rubbish to the bin.
Because based on its "exploit" rule, it should be exploiting its knowledge that littering is more rewarding.

Why do we expect differently from a human being?
Why would we encourage someone to do something that is not of any benefit to themselves, or others simply out of pity?
Or perhaps, simply because we think we have good manners?
Then, after all that incorrect encouragement, why would we expect them to simply realise and choose not to stop doing that thing?

I'm a bit lost.
Hmm - a lot lost maybe.

PS: Looking this brings back memory.. good ones, especially when I saw the paper on Cyber-Minder (I read that more than 10 times throughout my Hons year!).
I do miss dealing with such an interesting, mind-challenging, complex yet much less complicated problem compared to dealing with a human.

The End is Near...

Last week, to finish off week 6 of the cooking challenge, I made Nigella's Cheddar Risotto for Sunday dinner, which I myself haven't quite consumed due to temptation of dining out at Zab Thai - highly recommended!
But Shanon has had two serves of them - so I assume the verdict is good. :)

I do rather enjoy cooking risotto.
They are very relaxing to cook, as you have to stir in 1 ladle stock at a time.
If I clean while waiting for the stock to be absorbed, by the end of the risotto cooking, kitchen end up sparkling too!
Was very happy with this shot of the finished product too.. :)

Week 7! :) Twelve more cooking to do and there is still a few that I haven't done.
This week I planned on attempting New York Cheesecake, and making Jamie Oliver chicken stew again! :)
That's later in the week though!

So far, I've made "Coconut Balls"... again? Yes - it was such a hit last time at work, thought I'll feed my photo friends...
This time, I went and bought Pistachios! :)

Then, I made Chickpeas, Spinach, Tomato, Mushroom, and Feta Bonanza!
I thought it was yummy... but Shanon's choice of bread (from Da Noi) just lifted up the meal massively!
I was nearly convinced that I am now a MasterChef! LOL
Total credit to the bread. It was just "THE" bread! :)

10 more cooking to go.....

At the end of this, I'm considering to end my blogging days...
I'm finding it difficult to find my way around this world while blogging as myself.
I think it's about time for me to blog anonymously and learn to share my thoughts openly and honestly, instead of only saying the safe things out loud.

Here's something from my recent photo shoot with a friend who's getting married in January! :)

Wrapping Up Week 6

My days all feel like a blur now.
Photo, work, cooking, yoga, and social life...

I quite look forward to the end of the cooking challenge and this semester photo class.
Would love to breathe a little and relax.
Though I can't say I haven't been relax...

I have to say, I've learned quite a bit from the cooking challenge.
It has most certainly speed up my cooking pace a little bit.
Not sure if I'll continue cooking that often on a weekly basis post the cooking challenge, but most certainly will try and eat at home more than dining out.

Today's lunch is Pan Fry Chicken with Roasted Vegetable and Couscous.

I crusted the chicken breast with lemon garlic pepper dry spices (bought in packet from Coles) and a teaspoon of grated parmesan cheese.
It gives out very beautiful flavour (even if I say so myself).

The couscous came out beautifully (but I have always like couscous so I might be bias).
I cut the vegetables (pumpkin and sweet potato) too small so they came out quite mashed after 40 minutes.
I added garlic, rosemary, paprika and oregano into the mix.
I pepper-ed them a bit much too so it has that pepper after taste... =(
Will be more careful next time!

Still yummy though (yes yes - again, probably best not to take the cook's word for it. :P)

In case you're wondering about the leftover souffle, after I fridge the leftover (uncooked) for nearly 2 days, I oven-ed them today and it still risen beautifully.
I tasted a bit of them warm and then fridge the rest (want to try out the mousse texture that was commented on the page!)..
The verdict? Both warm and mousse, the chocolate taste was stronger and yummier after the 2 days!
I wasn't sure if I am going to make the chocolate souffle again when I taste it the first time I bake it.
I mean it was nice but not great... but after the second tasting, pretty sure I'll try it out again - leaving the chocolate mixture for 2 hours before I use them! :)

Taste Recipes Tonite: Bolognaise Pot Pies & Chocolate Souffle

Dinner: Bolognaise Pot Pies Recipe - with minor alterations (added some rosemary, chicken salt and garlic.
Cover the pies with puff pastry too (on top of the potato mash).
Was quite yummy but the bolognaise sauce was lacking the "ommmphh" factor.
Might try Chicken And Mushroom Pot Pies Recipe - next time!

Side dish: Green salad with French Onion Olive Oil dressing. Yummy!
Considered adding walnuts to this salad, which would have worked really well I think - but then forgotten... Next time! :P

Hmmmm - dinner was a bit on the light side and craving something sweet before bed time.
A bit of google-ing got me on to this recipe.
Checked that I have all the ingredients, tick!
Start setting up! :)

Only when I start pouring thickened cream on to the pan, I read the part where I needed to set the chocolate mixture for 2 hours!
2 HOURS??? I started making the mixture at 11:20 PM! :P
Thanks to "ykraith" comment about not leaving the chocolate mixture for two hours.
Made me feel a lot better and I continue on.
My ramekins were on the small side so they made about 3 ramekins worth of souffle.
But there are only two of us, so the left over sit in the fridge... not sure what it will turn out to be when I finally oven them. :P

The great thing is the two that I oven-ed tonight, came out amazing!
Puffy and risen, just the way souffle should be! :)
I should have used "better" chocolate.
The Lindt 70% didn't quite cut it. Next time will try Callebaut! :)
But it was yum nonetheless. Especially topped with the vanilla ice cream.

A perfect night cap: my first souffle!
I can now sleep in peace... ;)

Tonite's Cooking: Snacks for Work Meeting!

Made this a few times in the past - quite like it myself...
But the true test is whether my work colleagues like it! :)

Nearly there, my friend.
2.5 more weeks of cooking!