Wrapping Up Week 6

My days all feel like a blur now.
Photo, work, cooking, yoga, and social life...

I quite look forward to the end of the cooking challenge and this semester photo class.
Would love to breathe a little and relax.
Though I can't say I haven't been relax...

I have to say, I've learned quite a bit from the cooking challenge.
It has most certainly speed up my cooking pace a little bit.
Not sure if I'll continue cooking that often on a weekly basis post the cooking challenge, but most certainly will try and eat at home more than dining out.

Today's lunch is Pan Fry Chicken with Roasted Vegetable and Couscous.

I crusted the chicken breast with lemon garlic pepper dry spices (bought in packet from Coles) and a teaspoon of grated parmesan cheese.
It gives out very beautiful flavour (even if I say so myself).

The couscous came out beautifully (but I have always like couscous so I might be bias).
I cut the vegetables (pumpkin and sweet potato) too small so they came out quite mashed after 40 minutes.
I added garlic, rosemary, paprika and oregano into the mix.
I pepper-ed them a bit much too so it has that pepper after taste... =(
Will be more careful next time!

Still yummy though (yes yes - again, probably best not to take the cook's word for it. :P)

In case you're wondering about the leftover souffle, after I fridge the leftover (uncooked) for nearly 2 days, I oven-ed them today and it still risen beautifully.
I tasted a bit of them warm and then fridge the rest (want to try out the mousse texture that was commented on the page!)..
The verdict? Both warm and mousse, the chocolate taste was stronger and yummier after the 2 days!
I wasn't sure if I am going to make the chocolate souffle again when I taste it the first time I bake it.
I mean it was nice but not great... but after the second tasting, pretty sure I'll try it out again - leaving the chocolate mixture for 2 hours before I use them! :)

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