The End is Near...

Last week, to finish off week 6 of the cooking challenge, I made Nigella's Cheddar Risotto for Sunday dinner, which I myself haven't quite consumed due to temptation of dining out at Zab Thai - highly recommended!
But Shanon has had two serves of them - so I assume the verdict is good. :)

I do rather enjoy cooking risotto.
They are very relaxing to cook, as you have to stir in 1 ladle stock at a time.
If I clean while waiting for the stock to be absorbed, by the end of the risotto cooking, kitchen end up sparkling too!
Was very happy with this shot of the finished product too.. :)

Week 7! :) Twelve more cooking to do and there is still a few that I haven't done.
This week I planned on attempting New York Cheesecake, and making Jamie Oliver chicken stew again! :)
That's later in the week though!

So far, I've made "Coconut Balls"... again? Yes - it was such a hit last time at work, thought I'll feed my photo friends...
This time, I went and bought Pistachios! :)

Then, I made Chickpeas, Spinach, Tomato, Mushroom, and Feta Bonanza!
I thought it was yummy... but Shanon's choice of bread (from Da Noi) just lifted up the meal massively!
I was nearly convinced that I am now a MasterChef! LOL
Total credit to the bread. It was just "THE" bread! :)

10 more cooking to go.....

At the end of this, I'm considering to end my blogging days...
I'm finding it difficult to find my way around this world while blogging as myself.
I think it's about time for me to blog anonymously and learn to share my thoughts openly and honestly, instead of only saying the safe things out loud.

Here's something from my recent photo shoot with a friend who's getting married in January! :)

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April @ My Food Trail Says:

If your blog is about personal thoughts and feelings, then I agree sometimes it is better to do anonymously so you can truly express yourself without worrying about people knowing if it is you.

Good luck if you start up a new blog! :)

ms s loveridge Says:

Precisely my thought, April. Thanks! :)

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