Lean Cuisine Meal: Honey Soy Beef with Wholemeal Noodles

As I was munching through my lunch today; i.e. Nestlé Australia: LEAN CUISINE Honey Soy Beef with Wholemeal Noodles; a thought stream bubbles up within me. It goes like this...

"Hmm - I paid over $5 for this meal.
It isn't exactly great (and that's me being very kind).
It is not cheap.
And, it is not exactly generous portion wise.
Hmmm ????

I guess it is convenient.
Stash them in the freezer, take them out and pop them in the microwave for < 3 minutes.
A decent (most of the pasta meals are..) low in calorie meal.

Personally, that's the main reason I include them in my weekly lunch schedule.
They are packed in the right size (yup - at least for people who's watching their food intake!) & I presume it is somewhat healthy.

!!!! Can you believe that?
I actually paid EXTRA to get LESS food!!!
All because I have no self control when it comes to food.
I am unable to pack or consume the right portion when I cook or eat out!"


Now that I know - I gotta work on that one real quick.
Don't get me wrong - I have nothing against Lean Cuisine.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have been including them in my weekly lunch meal plans!
It's just that it is not a financially smart move to pay more money for a smaller portion food which are not exactly renowned for their quality too.

But if you love them anyway - at least check out these foodie's reviews on the available Lean Cuisine options before you go and buy them.

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