Photography: The Beginning

I've been taking photos for quite some time and lately I'm getting very keen on the prospect of earning a living from photography.

As a result, I'm obsessively taking photos in every event that I joined or invited to, or those that I have perhaps organized to create the photo opportunity.
Returning home from the event, I spend a few hours post processing the images before I upload them to:
Digital Photography School - Photography Forums: Share Your Shots: (The Visual Weekly) and (The Visual Weekly - Week 4 Combo 2),
and The Visual Weekly;
and then publicise them as much as I can; i.e.
and through bulk emails to friends/relatives.

I'm joining and submitting photos to Flickr groups.
I'm considering to get on to Red Bubble, Interface Lift and Deviant Art. One of my photo finally made it to Taste Spotting and I was ecstatic!
Also considering to get my own domain,, to host my portfolio and photo blog. Should I? Where will I find time to maintain this?
Moreover - what about photo competitions? The seem intriguing enough or even Photo competition. Enter your photography into our photo comps at Photo Art Gallery.

On top of that, I'm subscribing and reading RSS feeds from some really good photographers.
Looking for tips and tricks on how to produce better photograph; browsing their photos to get ideas as to what looks good; checking out lenses and any other equipments that I might need (flash? backup battery or battery grip?).
Looking up books for more tips and tricks.

"Should I also consider printing out my images?"
"What is the best method to post process images? Lightroom? ViewNX?"
"How do you organize your images?"
"Which one do you publicize?"
"Which is true? Publish less - only the best ones? Or, get your photos everywhere to heighten your chances of getting 'discovered'?"
"Seeing that I'm just starting off, should I be careful with over publicizing my photos? People might use it without copyright! But - if I don't publicize them, how do I get into the field?"
"Should you keep all your photos? Even the crappy ones? Why? Clutters! But - it might be handy one day?"

Ah.. the information overload, the questions... How do one manage it all?

Photography is a quite tricky field.
There are already lots of branches for photography.
Plenty different paths one could take.
Yet, very small window to be the "guru" of that particular branch.
I am only just starting off, so I simply want to join the lines of Professional Photographer (even if I can't pronounce the "photographer" word well enough yet!!!), getting paid to take photos.

More questions...
"How and where do I start?"
"Is my photos worth paying for?"
"If not, how do I make it worth paying for?"
"What photography branch do I want to take? People photos (Tara Whitney), Travel/Landscape (Alex Wise), Photojournalism - (Brian Dube's New York Daily Photo, Nat Ma's Goodbye Melbourne, Hello New York), Food (Taste Spotting), or Fashion/Studio photography (Amelia Soegijono, Robin Alfian, Matt Bell)?"
"If you're reading and you're a professional photographer, where did you start?"

Hmmmmm... I guess at least I am finding my way around.
Kindly reminding myself that - "It's about the journey, not the destination."

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