The Most Important Things in My Life

Yesterday, along with many others - I heard the news about Brittany Murphy's death. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who's surprised. She's only 32 years old (look under 30 to me) and she just come across as this happy go lucky person that will be around.

Being surprised aside, some other thing came into my mind. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do, all of us are mortals. And when we die, we die. There is nothing else that we can do, nothing we can change. Simply said and done. However nice we were, whatever great or bad things people said about us, however silly the reason behind our deaths - we are still dead. Finito.

What did I derive from this?

Life is truly only once. This is it. There is no redoing it. There is no rewind. The only way is forward, i.e. tomorrow's another day.
So I took a moment or two to think about what matters the most to me. How I want to live this once in a lifetime life of mine.

I came up with five most important things and realised a couple things that are nowhere as important:
  1. My health. I was one of those lucky people who was born complete bodyparts (despite my X legs). And throughout my 27 years of life - I have been generally healthy - no major hospital visits. I definitely have nothing to whinge about (aside from my chubbiness - which I have to admit is a result of my over eating). In fact - I should totally be appreciative and treat my body the way it has treat me if I want it to stay healthy. So yes, health is the most important thing. Without which, I would be restricted to live life to the fullest.

  2. My husband and my family. There is no choosing between them. They are as important as each other to me. Shanon would probably say that I always put them before him - but that's only because I know and trust that he understand me most, and that he would never pressure me with expectations. Truth to be told, my life would not be the same without him (or my family). He keep me sane, they keep me challenged and both make me feel loved unconditionally. I love them. They are definitely the gems of my life (most of the time :P).

  3. My close friends. What can I say? They are jolly. They make the joy. They are who I can share my achievements, experiences and do the things that make me happy with. They nudge me when I needed it the most. ;)

  4. My life achievements and experiences. What I do in my life. What I achieve. No one can ever take that away from me. The satisfaction feeling that I get from experiencing or achieving something is simply priceless and not replaceable.

  5. The ability and luxury to do things that make me happy (financially, mentally, and physically). Those little things that I enjoy. They do change through time but essentially - it's the small pleasures that make my days, e.g. massages, savouring good food, photography, movies, reading books. They are very important to keep me going and happy. They fuel me so that I can push through the difficulties to achieve my life goals.

The 2 things that I have mistakenly prioritised too high all along:
  • Others' (who are not THAT important to you, especially almost strangers!) opinions of you, some of your actions or how you live your life. Simply overrated & pointless. Stop worrying about this and live your life (or my life I should say!). Those that might matters - you can fix when it matters. Those that don't matter - simply don't. So ignore them. The only exception if you really have no closed ones then you should review your actions and life... :)

  • Money. I used to think money is everything (I am Asian after all) - but I have come to realised that after a certain threshold, when your needs are covered and you get to do fun/luxury things every now and then, the extra money lost its value. It's silly to collect and stash money for millions of just in case. Use the money. Live your life. I don't mean - spend all your income. Budget. But don't start "collecting" money. It is definitely no collection material. You don't get to take it with you when you're dead. Most importantly, looking back from the grave (if one could), I'm sure you're not going to think about how much money you've collected. (Well - I for one have never seen those type of flashbacks in movies when people die.. :P)

What's your most important things?


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