Sweeney Todd (2007)

My tagline for the movie: "I wish I sew!"

It's dark but beautiful. The scenes are captivating. A bit much singing and blood for my liking but the actors are awesome (not so sure about the little boy).

One thing is certain: the dress that Mrs. Lovett worn last is STUNNING! I can't get my eyes off it. It's simply beautiful, with the bodice, the lace, the colour, the tiers.

No - I'm not the only one! A girl was looking for someone to sew the dress for her Halloween wedding (Etsy Alchemy Request) and posted some really good photos (final scene dress pictures by matashavexen - Photobucket).

If I were ever going to any Halloween or Costume party, that would be "THE" dress!
I would so love to have the dress! But it cant be cheaply sewn one - it has to be done awesomely - with high quality lace etc. It's the glamour and the shine of the dress that makes it!

The colour isn't quite right in the photo above but it does show the dress details very well. Do you think they sell the dress? If so, where? Hmmm!

More photos here.

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