The Wisdom within Tiny Buddha

I came across tinybuddha through Zen's tweet a while ago and boy, aren't I glad to have done so. It is full of wisdom pearls hidden in simple English blog posts.

Its most recent blog post tickles my desire to blog about the website, i.e. "10 Ways to Have Peaceful, Loving Relationships |
Read it. Understand it. Feel it.

I love advice #1 - Do what you need to do for you, for I just realised recently that it is SO MUCH easier to be nice, loving and compassionate toward others when we are content and happy.
I desperately needed to be whacked with advice #2 - Give people the benefit of the doubt and #4 - Be mindful of projecting.
Advice #8 - Think before acting on emotion, is extremely important for my type of impatient often-act-on-impulse type people. If you've experienced the post hurtful-argument-with-your-loved-ones regret, you'll agree that the argument should be avoided at all cost.

If you want more, try this 2 other posts at tinybuddha that are awesome too, "5 Rules for Life" and "Live Your Life Out Loud: 30 Ways to Get Started |".

Happy Tuesday!

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