Me+Photography and Melbourne Events

On the first topic, to be honest, I struggle a little to pick up this new language.
Lots to take on, to read, to do and work on.
I'm still enjoying it but do feel quite challenged at times (which is good I suppose!)
Then again, maybe I am trying to soak my feet in pace that is a bit too fast.

Signing up for the PSC course was a really good decision.

The course opens up my horizon quite a bit and keeps my head/mind in the photography field.
The classes are mostly fun and interesting .
The 10 images a week submission and the portfolio forces me to be proactive in thinking about Melbourne events to photograph.
It exposes me to the work of the brilliant photographers in the world.
It forces me to start looking at photography as "art", building the "design elements" and "quality over quantity" mindset in me.

I admit, there is a bit of pressure coming from the workload (combination from classes, tasks and assignments).
Outside of the course, I'm also working on the business plan for this hobby of mine.
As part of the business plan, I wanna put together a portfolio of my best shots.
Then, there is the planning for photo shoot session.
On top of it all, I still have my usual day to day activities; i.e. work, bikram yoga, catch ups, house errands, etc.

But, it's all good!
Cause, hey, who knows, perhaps in a year or two, I can finally call myself a Full Time Photographer! :)
Or maybe three years, like gorgeous lady at TeaLilyPhotography (her photographs are beautiful!).
Now, that would be a step towards making my dream (see About Me) come true, wouldn't it?

Anyways, if you're like me, in Melbourne and are looking for events to photograph or scrumptious food to eat (because I love them!) or just random things to do, here's a few websites that you should check out!
- MELBOURNE: HOT OR NOT especially its Marvellous March Events Calendar 2010 page!
- That's Melbourne: What's On page
- Chapel St Event Calendar, mmm because I live near Chapel St? :) And, Tastes of Chapel is on from 5th to 19th March!

If you're a circus person, have a look at NICA too!
That's on my list to photograph! :)
And I'm curious about this NGV Art Bus thing (see HOT: NGV Artbus to the Yarra Valley (Part 1) – Yering Station | MEL: HOT OR NOT)! Where do I sign up???


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