Digital Socialising & My Photography

Lately, as I'm typing up a blog post, tweet or post a Facebook status update, my mind wonders... what is my actual purpose of doing this.
It takes a bit of time to compose a blog post, and though it takes less time to tweet or post a Facebook status update, it still takes a bit of time from my days.

Am I just trying to voice my opinion?
Am I trying to contribute something to the world?
Or, am I under the illusion of contributing while really I just someone who can't stop rambling and hence hoping that someone is listening?
Or, actually... maybe I'm just trying to remember the things that happens in my world... Sort of like a wikipedia somewhat, but personalised to me.

Truth be told, it's probably mainly because of the last one.. (I still search my old blog for something that I know I've blogged about in the past, pardon my memory or lack thereof!).
Though, there is a little bit of the illusion of contributing to the world.
I'd like to think that I'm not the only lost soul who wants to contribute, but have difficulty finding the right path.

The funny thing is, there is a million people out there who's doing the same thing as me.
They blog, they tweet, they "facebook" constantly.
The difference I find is they actually take the time to respond to others' blogposts/tweets/status-updates.
Hence, it makes the circle of digital socialising continues.

How does that work?
How do they find the time to do all that, still have a job, socialised and do other things?
I'm struggling as it is with keeping up with my busy days, and even busier mind.

In today's life, we are constantly over-flooded with choices and distractions.
It's very difficult to keep up with every little thing in life that I am intrigued with or care about.
I think it's about time I let go of most of it and focus on something that has rather proven its potential to be the "right" path for me to contribute to the world.

Photography, yes it might not be the most noble contribution, but at least, my heart, mind and body genuinely care about it at the moment.
If I don't let myself get absorbed in it, I might never know if it is the right path. :)

Wish me luck.

Now, I'm sure it is confusing how I went from discussing Digital Socialising to Photography.
Unfortunately for me, that's how my mind works lately, it jumps around totally like a monkey! =X

But, there is actually a flow...

In taking photography on as a potential career, I need to start branding myself appropriately.
In today's digital world, it is pretty scary what people can find out about you at a click of a finger.
I am aware of that and I also realised how much of an impact that can have on my becoming a professional photographer.

Yes, I definitely do need to make some time (SOON) to develop consistency of information that people will find about me on the Google world.

If you are a blogger, how do you do it?
Do you really care about one topic?
What if you care about a few different ones?
Do you blog about all of them?
Or do you just pick one and ignore the rest?

Pssst, another note to self, think hard about "Quality over Quantity"!

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