The Duds....

It is bound to happen but I can't believe I get two duds in a row! :P

First was "Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding".

Don't be fooled by the look - it was definitely a dud!
The chocolate taste was not there, mainly brown sugar taste and the mixture was still very powdery - which is totally weird.
My instinct told me that it was not right even before i popped it in the oven cause it is not batter, more like powder mix!
I think the recipe might be missing the "egg" part.
Anyway - definitely not making this recipe again.
Even with ice cream I can't finish it (well it is still powdery down the bottom...).
It's not THAT bad (it's hard for cocoa, sugar and butter to be bad) - but DEFINITELY not great.

That marks the completion of Week 5.

My week 6 start wasn't great...

"Thai Grilled Pepper Chicken" served with steam rice, fry egg and stir fry bean shoots.
Shanon reckon this is the worst thing I've cooked in a while. *lol*
In my defense, I didn't even prepare the Thai Barbecue Marinade myself...
A friend made them for me and all I did was marinade my chicken and cooked it (to perfection! Soft and not chewy!).
The marinade was wayyyy too salty to the point where when I get to the steam rice bit I feel such relief to be eating something that has bland taste. :P
If I could take away the salt, I reckon the marinade is quite yummy.
The stir fry bean shoot was a last minute thing inspired by another friend.
I quite like it (with some garlic, dried anchovy and dried chilli).
A bit on the salty side too (perhaps too much anchovies!).

Oh well - here's to a better tomorrow. Margeritta Pizza near PSC. Yum!

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