Taste Recipes Tonite: Bolognaise Pot Pies & Chocolate Souffle

Dinner: Bolognaise Pot Pies Recipe - Taste.com.au with minor alterations (added some rosemary, chicken salt and garlic.
Cover the pies with puff pastry too (on top of the potato mash).
Was quite yummy but the bolognaise sauce was lacking the "ommmphh" factor.
Might try Chicken And Mushroom Pot Pies Recipe - Taste.com.au next time!

Side dish: Green salad with French Onion Olive Oil dressing. Yummy!
Considered adding walnuts to this salad, which would have worked really well I think - but then forgotten... Next time! :P

Hmmmm - dinner was a bit on the light side and craving something sweet before bed time.
A bit of google-ing got me on to this recipe.
Checked that I have all the ingredients, tick!
Start setting up! :)

Only when I start pouring thickened cream on to the pan, I read the part where I needed to set the chocolate mixture for 2 hours!
2 HOURS??? I started making the mixture at 11:20 PM! :P
Thanks to "ykraith" comment about not leaving the chocolate mixture for two hours.
Made me feel a lot better and I continue on.
My ramekins were on the small side so they made about 3 ramekins worth of souffle.
But there are only two of us, so the left over sit in the fridge... not sure what it will turn out to be when I finally oven them. :P

The great thing is the two that I oven-ed tonight, came out amazing!
Puffy and risen, just the way souffle should be! :)
I should have used "better" chocolate.
The Lindt 70% didn't quite cut it. Next time will try Callebaut! :)
But it was yum nonetheless. Especially topped with the vanilla ice cream.

A perfect night cap: my first souffle!
I can now sleep in peace... ;)

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