The 3 Intriguing Areas

Currently there are 3 main things that intrigue me:
- Photography;
- Game Programming with C++ (with some AI capability);
- and Blogging.

I have a plan.
I'm going to set myself a small to medium sized project to further my knowledge / ability in each of them.
Through my Google research; I found a few good potential projects and I thought it would be good to share.
I know that I'm not the only fish who's nibbling on those food.

* Portfolio! A Few Things about your Photography Portfolio Waitin' On a Moment - by Tim Gruber NYC Photographer
* More on Portfolio... How to Build your Photography Portfolio - Digital Camera Reviews & Photography Tips
* Project 365: How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way
* Get my Flickr account linked to Picture This
* and maybe get myself on The Worlds Best Photography

Programming Project
* First and foremost, finish the surprise book gift from Mr. Loveridge!
* Programming Projects Resource Center: C++ Programming Projects from Deitel
* Find a job at Outsourced C/C++ jobs -
* or maybe at C/C++ Projects - MisterSoft FreeLance Projects
* Read up on Artificial Intelligence
* and read GameDev: For Beginners

* 31 Days to Building a Better Blog from ProBlogger

Now go get started!

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