On Blogging

My 5th post!
I'm a tad lost for direction.

Where am I going with this?
What is my purpose of blogging?

I even go into the trouble of setting up a new blog.
All because I want to start over and do it right.

But now I'm lost.
What is "right"?

Should I be blogging to get audience - somehow find a gap that hasn't been filled by millions blogger out there on the Internet?
Or should I be using my blog as an outlet for my constantly noisy mind?

With the first option - I could possibly (yes - very miniscule likelihood) make an income out of this which would be lovely (or so I think).
However - what is that gap?

Second option is an easy one - plus it helps make my presence bearable for other people surrounding me.
But - isn't that what I was doing with my initial blog (and the non-purposeful part of it annoys my obsessive compulsiveness and it does kinda puts me off blogging)?

Something for me to think about I suppose.

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