Just Do It!


How is it others seem to have lots and lots of spare time while I'm constantly feeling like I'm being chased around?
Why do I constantly end up with heaps of tasks to do in my to do list?
How come my effort to shift the weight that I have recently gained is not getting me anywhere this time around?
What is the difference between me with those who successfully make a living while following their passion (e.g. Tara Whitney with her photos, Leo Babauta with his blog)?
Or even with that someone who is much closer at heart for me - this guy that I used to work with who completely mesmerized and inspired me with his passion and his wealth of knowledge on his area of work (the very same guy that I am married to and still often mezmerized me today)?

Somewhere in between Leo's posts through RSS feed off mnmlist.com - the answer to the above questions became clear to me.
However much I try to convince myself; in reality...
1. Talking about getting something done is NOT the same thing as actually doing it;
2. Planning for it is also NOT the same thing as actually doing it;
3. Putting it in the to-do list is still NOT the same thing as actually doing it;
4. Even trying to do is close; but NOT the same as actually doing it
Hmm - this list could go on forever - but I don't want to put you to sleep (not just yet!).

To sum up, the beautiful simplistic algorithm to successfully complete something or get somewhere is basically...
Just do it!
(Yup - Nike got that right!)

Yes. Stop finding out how to get around it. Stop researching on why it has to be done. Stop the procrastination.


Admittedly - passion helps and does make it easier to just do something.

But obviously - I am not going to start getting passionate about house chores or errands or paperworks or ... (fill in the blank with that small chore-ish task that is kinda annoying but necessary to get done).
Instead - I will remind myself constantly that postponing it only makes it worse.
Cause, on top of having to do it; I have to put up with the thought and mental reminder of having to do it - as long as I postpone the task!
So - remember, for those tasks - just do it - now!
You'll be much happier for it.

On a different level - this new realisation also quite possibly mean that the solution to my work task procrastination is - for me to find work that I am passionate about.

Simple, ey?

Unfortunately - I am pretty sure the only thing that I am passionate about (i.e. naturally "just do") is consuming food. (Yup - my wealth in body fat is the living proof for this. :P)
And - I can't quite imagine anyone paying me to just consume food.
Well, there is the time that I spend on photos (taking, editing, publishing, etc)... but I'm nowhere near good enough to become a photographer.
Then, there is writing (or more like typing) - which I enjoy immensely - but same case with photography, I'm nowhere near good enough to become a paid writer.

Or maybe - just maybe - I should try it out instead of giving up before I do anything.
If anything - the experience will totally be enjoyable.. and I have nothing to lose.
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
-- Ancient Chinese Proverb

What do you think?

Good night.

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