GTD Wallpaper

Remember when you were a kid and you found something special / were given something special - what do you do with them?
I used to put them all in a box, my treasure chest.
Actually, I still do it up to today for some things; but my special things then and now are quite different.
The way I feel about them is also rather different.
Things were just more special back then.
Somehow - more meaningful, more beautiful, more precious... :)

Anyway - the idea of this post (labeled: treasure-chest) is similar to that.
As I stumbled upon things - I'll put them here - to share.
Cause mummy taught me that sharing is caring (I have 3 siblings!)... :)

The GTD Clouds (Wide) wallpaper by Anabubula (see 3 more GTD wallpapers for other option).
A handy reminder as to how best to deal with constantly growing to-do lists.


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