Festival Indonesia 2009 & DFO South Wharf

Festival Indonesia 2009 was held at Federation Square this weekend (Website). There were lots of good homey food (pictured in the left side thumbnails) readily made available at a convenient spot (Melbourne CBD) in comparison to the usual suburban locations of the restaurants. I don't normally get access to these foods unless I went home for holiday (which is pretty much yearly) or when my mum come and cook for us (which is also pretty much yearly - if not twice a year) - so it was a really good occasion... :P

Plus - I got to catch up with my siblings, Louisa and Lia! Superb!!!

For further explanation on what's what in terms of the food - please refer to List of Indonesian Dishes (Wikipedia). It's a pretty extensive list. ;)

Afterwards - me and Lia head out on an unpredictably-big journey to the DFO South Wharf. It wasn't exactly easy to find and definitely not as convenient as the Spencer St DFO (for public transporters like me & Lia). If you are heading there - I suggest you print this location page out as a guide. Also, head there early!

On the bright side - we got to see the "Melbourne Convention Centre" which is a quite pretty building for photos. Plus, the new DFO does offer perks such as bigger and shinier stores; more store options; and better value items than Spencer St.

I score a ultra gorgeous frilly black skirt and a nice simple silk blend grey dress from Forever New for under $65 (they are having "buy 1 sale item, half price 2nd sale item" combo!)! Also - finally got the stylish blazer jacket that I've been looking for quite some time now from Garfunkle for $40. The skirt and the blazer look "oh so gorgeous" together.. Yeah!

Will add pics of the items tomorrow. ;)

Good night now!

26th October 2009 Here's the pics -^.^-...

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