Happiness Comes from Within

I figure this out a while ago - but every so often I need a reminder of it.
Today, the post, "» You already have it all (or how to beat advertising) | mnmlist.com, did exactly that for me.

The past 2 days (Sunday and Monday) were quite "bleh" for me (yes - even Sunday!).
I felt gloomy - unloved - unhappy - annoyed - unsettled - simply "nyehh".
I wasn't sure what is wrong and I keep thinking about it - but I am now sure it is all in my head.
No point in thinking why I'm feeling that way - because it's a waste of time.
I should and will move on from it.

The funny thing is that as soon as I decide to move on from it, everything looks just a little bit shinier.
(Well - the mnmlist post did help with the wake-up-call words).

Hmm.. anyhow - I will start on one my project. Tonight.

The second funny thing?
Mr. keep telling me (for a few days now) to start with one of my project.
But I thought it's not right to start with the project - because I don't feel like it.
Not realising that it simply mean I chose to stick with my gloominess.

Yeah - I'm pretty stubborn.
I do things even when the expert who I refer to told me not to (e.g. my now wavy hair).
I don't do things even when Mr. (who seem to always know the right prescription for my problem) told me it will fix the issue.
I like learning things through experience! (With the exception of climbing rocks type thing or dealing with animals. :P)

Okie dokie - gotta get on with my day now that it's shiny and pretty.

Check out this post on your way out - Do Happy: See and Tell « tinybuddha.com - it's good!

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