Food Blogging (Part 2)

Check out what I found about Food Blogger.. :)

10 things you should know about Food Bloggers @Not Quite Nigella
I totally relate to #2, #3 (haha :D), #4 (well - i just want to sample them all..), #9 (the texture of bread just makes the photo!), and #10 (to some extent). LOL for #5 and #8!!! :) Great post!

12 MORE Things You Should Know About Food Bloggers @Not Quite Nigella
Agree!!! #2 is totally a crime.
LOL for #3, mine isn't 90% but definitely above 50%.. :P
#4 is a great idea. I have no idea Ferrero Rocher looks that gorgeous cut into quarters! Nice work.
I have stopped baking due to same reason - but #5 is also a good idea.. Sharing is caring! :)
#7: Yup - my husband does fall under the category of "patient people". :)

Hmm.... maybe I should focus more on food blogging. ;)

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