This Blog vs A Chatterbox's Pensieve

Someone asked how is this blog any different to my old one, "A Chatterbox's Pensieve".
Good question.
It forces me to think about it and make sure that I'm still re-doing my blog for a reason.

For one, it looks VERY different. I've grown up! :)
See the comparison screenshots below and I trust that you will agree!

Pssst... See! Even I (my photo) look different!!! :P

Secondly (and mainly!) - the posts are now categorised carefully.

I started with the intention of categorising them correctly and thought through it properly before I assigned a category.

Why? Well - I figure that this will allow people to choose what they want to read instead of having to scroll through my rambling & mind-searching before they get to my Photography posts or my Foodie posts, or etc.
(Refer to the image on the left side...)

Having said the above, I realised that it is a somewhat valid question. My posts are still very random - I blog just about anything and everything that I stumbled upon. What can I say? I'm interested in anything and everything and I haven't found that ONE thing that I want to FOCUS on blogging about ALL the time.

I guess I can say, "Please bear with me... and we'll hopefully get there! Somehow, sometime, hopefully soon! :)"

Happy Friday!

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