Off to a Foodie Start

I love food talks. As soon as a conversation head that way - my eyes start to twinkle and my heartbeat starts rising. I want to hear all about it and I want to talk about it. All the time.

I had Yum Cha lunch today at Shark Fin House in the city with a group of work friends. It was a great catch up lunch - not to mention free - but the food wasn't particularly spectacular. The conversation during lunch however was superb!

There were eight people at lunch and two of us recently had dinner at Vue de Monde. As soon as that was mentioned - we just couldn't stop talking about that place. I myself had a really good memory of my first visit there (a chatterbox's pensieve: Vue de Monde: The Love Affair) and can't wait to find the chance to go back.

From the food talks today, found a Mexican restaurant in Elwood (Aree Bah!) and an Italian restaurant (Cicciolina in St Kilda)to try! Yay!
Not to mention, I just booked myself and Mr. in for "Afternoon Teas In Melbourne Hotels - Hotel Windsor Melbourne Afternoon Teas" late November to use the gift voucher that we received for our wedding last year. The sandwiches, the scones, the pastries and the cakes!
And... we have jacques reymond degustation next Friday.. Ahhhhh... - Such joy and excitement! Totally looking forward to them.

Now - if only we know what would be the ideal celebration of wedding anniversary for us.. hmmmmm.. :)

Image sourced from Jacques Reymond website.

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