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The most recent post, the Quick Lunch: N Lee Bakery, Melbourne CBD from My Food Trail - A Melbourne girl's food blog reminded me of the super yummy Bahn Mi (Vietnamese Roll) that I had in East Village, New York.
It was from Nicky's Sandwiches.

I ordered the pork sandwich and Mr. had chicken sandwich.
We had to wait like 10 minutes for the Bahn Mi; but it was totally worth the wait and the walk in the super cold weather (it was early January!)
The bread was warm and crusty and yummy - superbly buttered.
My pork filling was super warm and tender and full of flavour.
It was simply the best I've had.

When I was looking for the photos of the Bahn Mi, I flicked through many of my food photos from the NY trip and it reminded me of how great it was to eat my way through the city. I totally enjoyed every minute of it.

Anyway - this list is one of things that I'm way long due to finish. So here goes.

The AWESOME food that I would definitely squeeze into me somehow when I re-visit New York (and they are pretty special cause there are still many more that I didn't get to try, i.e. the ones that I must check out the next time I go back!) are (not in any particular order!):

* David Burke in the bar @ Bloomingdale's - we ate there twice and both times the meals were superb; especially my grilled sandwich and that fish dip with crisps on the side (pictured below [a] [b])

* The lobster roll & super skinny fries with salt & vinegar from Pearl's Oyster Bar (pictured below [c])

* Candle Cafe - awesome guacamole! and all the other Vegetarian dishes were superb too!

* Punjabi in East Village - for when I'm running out of money but still want great food.

* Lou Da Kuan from Oriental Express Food Lucky L & LWC - gosh that was just divinely yummy and soft - as dreamy and creamy as it looks in the picture below [d]...

* Then, there is this bread from E.A.T. which I can eat for the rest of my life (pictured below [e]). It is just super yummy.

* Not to forget, my personal favorite ultra delicious Grilled Corn Mexican Style from Cafe Habana. Ah.. Bliss!

* The pastrami sandwich from Katz Delicatessen - but I'll get this one to go or to share with someone else (pictured below [f]) - it was just TOO much! Plus, I also want to fit the coleslaw in me. ;)

* The Smoked Mozarella!!! How can I forget!!!! Nearly though... (pictured below [g]) Obika Mozarella Bar - delicious!!!!

* The Mayan Hot Chocolate (pictured below [h]) from Marie Belle Cacao Bar & Tea Salon - but this need is probably subsided now that I found the super thick Italian Hot Chocolate that are very yummy and chocolatey here in Melbourne; i.e. Fraus made by the barista in Ecco South Yarra. But their sandwich did come with really really good crusty bread and scrumptious cheese (pictured below [i]), so maybe... :)

* Gobo - one of the best New Year's Eve meal I've ever had. Hmmm - actually is probably the best that I've remembered. :)

* NY Cheesecake from Junior's - ....... mmmm.... (pictured below [j])

* The takeaway "Semolina Raisin Fennel Bread" from Amy's Bread last us a while and it was yummy. :)

* Wholefood's Market Cafe - yum salad bar!

* The bread basket from Balthazar. Well worth the effort of queueing and booking and making sure we get there before the bread basket is no longer served!

* La Esquinea - this amazing hidden cool mexican restaurant with great food - no need to say more.

* Momofuku Ssam Bar - definitely exceed my already very high expectation. That steaming bun... filled with shiitake were just... mmmmm... (pictured below [k])

* Burgers from both Corner Bistro and Burger Joint (pictured below [l])

* Yonah Schimmel's Potato Knish - Mr. love them.

* The view from River Cafe and the crab meat sandwich (pictured below [m]) was very very very yummy - but I'm not sure if I'll make a return. It wasn't as special as I'd hoped for it to be - probably because I booked that place before I even got there for Mr.'s birthday hence the high expectations.

* Last, but definitely not least - there was this Italian restaurant near (then) our apartment at E 62nd & Madison Ave which we visited twice. Great pasta. Great bread. Great ambience and wait staff. But I can't seem to find the name!!! Grrr... Thankfully I do know how to get there if we're back there.. ;)

[a] [b] [c]
[d] [e] [f]
[g] [h] [i]
[j] [k] [l]

PS: I definitely will also eat my share of Fritos chips, Cinnamon & Raisin Bagel with Cream Cheese, and that kebab on the corner of E61st or E60th and Madison Avenue! :P

PPS: Rilsta, thanks so much for the review - I'll try the Bahn Mi soon! :)

PPPS: NYC - I ♥ you!!!

4 Response to "New York Foodism"

Rilsta Says:

Thanks so much for the mention! :)

What an awesome list of eateries! I will have to keep this in mind whenever I get the opportunity to finally go to NY!

Do try the N Lee Bakery banh mi when you get the chance!

ms s loveridge Says:

Rilsta! Thanks so much for the comment. ;) I'm yet to try it out but hopefully in a week or so!! :)))
Tee hee hee - yes... NY is full of awesome eateries.

Simon Food Favourites Says:

WOW that's a great list for me to check out. i love oysters so definitely will have to give the Pearl's Oyster bar a visit :-) BTW it would be really helpful if you numbered your list and then numbered the photos to correspond to help match the right image to the description :-)

ms s loveridge Says:

:) I'm great to be of help Simon.
Well - I actually ate the pippis and lobster roll at Pearl's Oyster bar and man wasn't that good!
Great idea - I'll update the post now! :)

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