Moving Blogger Blog to Another Account

When I decided to move on from my old blog, a chatterbox's pensieve - I decided to have a new profile to go with it. At the same time I still want to keep that blog online - it holds history for me and words that I have put together over a few years. Not a problem! I created a new blogger account with my secondary email address for my new blog. Done. Sweet!

Not long after - I realised that there is a problem.. Sigh! X(
The old blogger account that I have is connected to my primary Gmail account - which I am constantly logged on to.

What's the big deal?

Well - every time I write a post - I have to log out from my primary Gmail account and log on to blogger using my secondary email account. Not only that - whenever I comment on people's blog posts - blogger automatically load my primary Gmail account details - which I can't use because it won't trackback to my new blog. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

After a few days of annoyance and almost deciding on using 2 different web browsers to deal with this issue - I've finally fixed the problem (or so I think)...

I exported my old blog and imported that into my blogger account (under different publishing address) on the secondary email address.
Done the same for my new blog.
Deleted the respected exported blogs.
Yipppeeee... I am smart after all.

Until the time when I realised - ehem - why do I keep getting "The blogger address is not available" when I try to publish the imported blog using the previous blog address? Even after I have deleted the old published blog?

!!!!!!!! X( Now what?

Well - after a little bit of a research (which I should have done initially!) - I found out that the way to do it is by transferring your blog! So without further a due - let me present...

How To Change Blog Owner? and How to Recover Deleted Blogs? - Thanks Blog Doctor!!!

Anyway - thought I'd share the knowledge (and let out the pain)! Cheerio.

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