Good News vs Bad News

For some reason, the 1.5 hour long Yoga class leave me with lots of interesting thoughts. Today was no different.
I was thinking about one thing, and then another, which led to another. In the end, I produce a really good resulting thought. :D

The next time someone asked if I want good news first or bad news first, I know which one to pick without hesitation. Everytime. :)

I will choose to get bad news first.

Reason being... I don't want to promote the thought that good news is followed by bad news within my brain. Cause as that happens more, my brain will get used to put itself in a wary state when it receives good news. I will be less likely to fully enjoy the effect of the good news.

Does it make sense? I hope so.. I am pretty happy with this resulting thought. It's my first psychology own derived conclusion by thinking of my brain as a separate object to myself which needs to be controlled. :) tee hee hee...

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