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I just made a dinner reservation at Ibuki House (+61417593885) and I can now confirmed that they have moved! Not only that - they now have 2 locations. Talk about commercial... (Hmmm.. where is Ibuki san going to be based???) One at 321 Flinders Lane and 556 Lonsdale St. I am a bit disappointed about this. It was partially the seclusion and the hidden factor of it which excites me for my previous visit.

The other thing that is worrying me from this post, it doesn't sound like he is still doing Omakase (refer to "Itadakimasu!!! | kluublog" post) =( Though when I asked for the price he did say 70$ a head, so... not sure.

In case you are interested and/or are also planning a visit - here's a compilation of other blogposts about Ibuki House that I stumbled upon while trying to find out whether they have moved or not...
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- I Don’t Bitch I Blog » Ibuki - Jul 2009 (with many photos)
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Plus, check out this article titled "Espresso" at The Age website (section: Final Fling) dated 22nd September 2009 which talks a little bit about Ibuki san; whom apparently first arrive in Melbourne in 1962 and is now 70 years old!!!

Anyway - I'll talk more (and post photos) when the dining day arrived.

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ms s loveridge Says:

More awesome photos from Ibuki House here... ~NightChild~ - Ibuki

ms s loveridge Says:

There is a website for Ibuki - but it is in Japanese... Ibuki

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