New York Daily Photo: The Last Taboo

Have a read at this blog post, New York Daily Photo: The Last Taboo.

Great article. Definitely tickles my need to voice an opinion on this subject.

"... But I do hate the parents who somehow have decided that they are superior to everyone else because they have kids." - this is totally relate able for me! Being a semi-newlywed (yup! nearly our 1st anniversary) and having my friends / cousins becoming parents all around, I noticed that it happens quite a bit.

Perhaps - the role of being a parent make people feel powerful. I can also see how it puts them on the leader role (supposed to be for the kids), which must somewhat brings out the feel of "superior"-ity. The "superior" feeling might also come from the fact that they have experienced something that the childless haven't.


Has it ever cross their mind that while they raise their kids, these non-parents have filled their time with other experiences which end up improving their mind and personality? Wouldn't that make the non-parents "superior"?

Hmmm... it's definitely a slippery slope and something that has cost a friendship or two for many of us I'm sure. But I believe that if both sides (the parents and the non-parents) are willing to put their feet on the other side's shoes, there is no need for this topic being a taboo. In fact, both sides will benefit from learning through the other's experience.

A little more understanding and less judging take us a long way.

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