Re-visiting Globe Cafe in Prahran

Globe Cafe
[a] 218 Chapel St. Prahran VIC 3181.
[p] 03 9510 8693

I was first introduced to Globe Cafe nearly 3 years ago by my then boyfriend (now husband) who live in an apartment just in that small street off Chapel where the cafe is located. It was a casual dining place which offers really good breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner meals. I had this yummy and very memorable Spring salad (snow pea, capsicum strips, green beans) with creamy wasabi sauce there once. Their grilled cheese was one of the best I've had. For brunch, I loved their Caesar salad or their various egg breakfast.

Then they went on a short break. Revamping their look. It took them a while - a couple months I think. During which - we found a few other brunch loves; i.e. Picnic and Gaia. Between them and Amici, our pet love brunch venue, we didn't get a chance to revisit Globe until last weekend.

The place couldn't look any more different than it is now. I couldn't see the trace of the old blue cheap but comfy wall paint. It's now shiny fresh and new. The kitchen bench is all silver and shiny. Pretty dining area. Very well decorated.

Flicking through their new "not massive yet offers an interesting mix of dishes" menu, I couldn't find French Toast which I was kinda craving. But - it does have Ricotta Hotcakes. Having heard of Bill Granger's Ricotta Hotcakes recently, I decided to give that a go - along with my customary Skinny Cappuccino without Chocolate Topping. Mr. chose Egg dish with Hollandaise sauce and Semi-Mashed Potato to go with Raisin Brioche.

The brioche arrives looking very much like normal Raisin Toasts (as seen in the photos). Don't be tricked though. Because the texture and taste is very much brioche like. Soft but also pastry crunchy. Rich and buttery tasting too.

The hotcakes were hands down the BEST pancakey thing I've ever had. It has cloud-like soft and fluffy texture, with flavour which is just divinely delicious. Add the banana, maple syrup sauce and a smear of the double cream = PERFECTO.

How good I hear you say?

Well - it is to the point where I didn't bother tasting Mr.'s egg dish. I don't recall ever forgetting to do so up until now. I am always curious on whether my order or my companion's dish is better. Plus, I get bored with my own food too after a few spoonful - so I mix it up by trying other's food. But this time - I was happily munching away my hotcakes. Along with my stolen share of the Raisin Brioche. Yup - it was THAT good.

So, if you live in Melbourne - go and try it out. If you are not in Melbourne - note this place down and make sure to schedule a visit when you do come for a visit. I, for one, will not be able to wait another year or so before I go back. My mouth waters at the thought of that sweet soft fluffy delicious Ricotta Hotcakes. :)

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