The Visual Weekly

I can't hold still and feel like jumping around!

"The Visual Weekly"

My first true photography blog!
It's a combined effort between me and Eddy Teh (a great colleague turns really good friend whom I'm lucky to meet at work a few years ago).
We were inspired by the Minty Forest photo project.

What an exciting moment! Tee hee hee...

So much we can do going forward... we can blog about our photography kit (camera, lenses, flashes, etc) and the things we learn, we can start linking the photos to Red Bubble account and perhaps sell our artwork through there, or publicize ourselves through Flickr.

For now, please - go check it out and leave your comments, feedbacks, whatever. Just tell us what you think! :)

Happy Melbourne Cup Day!

2 Response to "The Visual Weekly"

Iron Chef Shellie Says:

ooOOOoooo shall be adding that to my RSS feed =)

ms s loveridge Says:

kyaaaaaaa! thanks Shellie ;)))

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