Bikram Yoga - 60 Day Challenge

Back in October - (or maybe end of September) I was offered to participate in the Bishnu Ghosh Regional Yoga Asana Championships 2009 (photos here). I tried out the Bikram Yoga Advanced Class twice (because the competition involve personal choice of 2 advance Bikram Yoga poses) and soon realised that I was no where near ready for it - so I passed.

But it was not a wasted effort. It introduces me to another level which I can push to and it also put some sparkles back into my practice which has became a bit mundane over the year. After talking to a few people who either have competed or have done the 60 day challenge - I figure that I am no competition material. I would end up with a stage fright so bad that I can't probably stand on two feet - so balancing on one leg is definitely out of question.

The thing is - after doing it for 2 years - it has become a bit too much of a routine and I definitely could use a bit of "push" in the practice. Hence - the decision on 60 day challenge. I have told a few people that I might do it next year or soon-ish.. but the more I think about it and postpone it - the more difficult it seems. So - guess what? I'm going to stop talking or thinking about it. I'll just do it!

That's right. I'll commence the 60 day challenge on Monday, 21st Dec 09. Which means I'll get the first 2 weeks to work myself up (during the holiday time) and hopefully the rest of the challenge will fall into place. I do have a few small trips already planned (Sky diving at Nagambie, Paragliding at Bright and Hamilton Island trip with Lia and Jessy) during the period. But if I put aside my fear and reluctance in doing this challenge - I know it is still possible. I even plan it out in an XLS calendar! (I have to! I am the queen of diary and to do list after all... :P)

The main rule is that I have to do 6 daily classes in a week (with one day off) continuously until I completed the 60 days practice (details here). I can make it up by doing 2, or 3 or 4 classes any other day within the week if I miss some of the daily classes. My week will start on Monday and ends on Sunday (I figure that gives me weekend time for if I need to make up for any slack weekdays). Plotting it on the calendar - it means that my week will finish on the Sunday, 28th February 2010!

Awww... looking forward to the completion - and hihihi who knows - it might even get me Bikini ready for Hamilton Island! :)

I'm excitedly scared!!! One thing I know for sure - today's practice (my first class after 3 weeks off) left me feeling awesome - so I should use this to inspire the start of my 60 day challenge! :) Yihaaaaaaaaaaaa! Wish me luck!

I'll be tracking it through Joe's Goals - here's my badge (week average should be 6!)
shelvia's Personal Score Badge

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