Photography Studies College (PSC)

Just to make the days even more challenging + exciting, and not to forget, the main reason, i.e. improving my photography skill; I have decided to check out the PSC course properly and perhaps join the January 2010 intake.

A few photo links from the college:
- Flickr: PSC
- RedBubble: Photography Studies College
- PSC Gallery

What I know so far about the part-time evening course...
- The 20 week or 40 week photography course is the first year of the Advanced Diploma (transferable to RMIT University);
- Requirements: "The first semester commences with Creative Photography using digital capture; as a result you will require your own 35 mm digital SLR camera and this will be your creative tool throughout the program. You will also be required to have your own 80Gb+ portable hard drive with remote power source (ie USB or Firewire) to store and transport your images."
- It includes 30x3 hour sessions + 1 Saturday (2x3 hour session) + 1 Weekend Field Workshop per semester;
- The 2010 cost is $4600 for 2 semesters (40 weeks tuition) + $500 for 2 Weekend Location Workshop Enrollment (1 per semester).

Here's the brochure and for more information, contact (613) 9682 3191 or

Some forum discussions that I have found on this course:

My info session with them is on Thursday. Will update on whether or not I'll be joining the course! :)

If this is not for you, there are other available photography courses in Melbourne listed here.

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