First Week of the 60 Days (8 Week) Bikram Yoga Challenge

The 60 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge is definitely called "challenge" for good reason!

Monday (21 Dec 09) - struggling with dribbly nose but made myself go and sign up for the challenge. Go Shelvia!
Tuesday (22 Dec 09) - nearly didn't go because of after work Xmas drinks (socializing is part of the job...) but I managed to pull out of that and went to Yoga instead.
Wednesday (23 Dec 09) - the weather was rather hot outside. I was annoyed at myself for signing up for the challenge as I was leaving work but Camilla (the instructor) regulated the heat extremely well, so I had a great class despite the bad thoughts. Yay!
Can't go on the Thursday (24 Dec 09) because they don't have 6 PM class.
The center is closed on Friday, Xmas Day (25 Dec 09)! Went to Botanical Garden instead. Had a blast taking photos and watching Charles (my youngest brother) & Louisa (Charles' girlfriend) learning to do cartwheels from Mr.!
Saturday (26 Dec 09) - luckily managed to muster up the will and determination to attend the 8 AM class. Reward myself by joining the Boxing Day crowd on a shopping trip along Chapel St and try on lots of outfits. Fun fun fun! Didn't end up going to 4 PM class though - I'll do the double on Sunday.
Sunday (27 Dec 09) - the end of the 1st week of the challenge! Attended 10 AM class, went to brunch and then had a short nap. I was super annoyed at myself at that time for not doing the double yesterday! Grrr. But the annoyance was saved by the thought of massage reward I promised myself for the 1st week. Second class was a bit painful but I did it anyway - missing a few poses. YAY!!! :)

I have to say I feel quite lucky because it's only been one hot day this week. The rest of the days have been nice. Hope this continues.

Also, I might have misunderstood the 60 Day Challenge too - I thought it is 60 classes challenge but it is 60 day challenge (with 6 day a week practice) i.e. 8 weeks, not original 10 weeks that I thought! Hmmm.. I'm yet to confirm this but will ask the instructor tomorrow.

The challenge has brought me face to face to the fact that I'm still having difficulties completing full class. That bothers me. I still skip poses (at least one each class with the regular being Standing Bow Pulling, Triangle, and Camel). I also rarely complete the 2 sets of Standing Head to Knee or Triangle or Standing Bow Pulling - always get myself out of it before time. I rarely push myself hard enough with Bow. I want to get rid of these bad habits. I'd love the bad thoughts that arises whenever we get to Spinal Strengthening Series to go away too. Ah.. and the burpiness that come with Half Moon Pose!

Anyways - one down, seven more to go. Wish me luck!

Update (28th Dec 09): The challenge is to be completed in 9 weeks, with week 9 require only 3 classes. :)

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