X O X O: Which is Which?

Whenever I see people do "X X X", I've always been curious - do they mean hugs or kisses? LOL! I'm not the first! :D

Last year in January, this blogger was questioning the same thing through his post.

Even Wikipedia seems to not have direct answer for this one,
"Hugs and kisses, is a term for a sequence of the letters X and O, e.g. XOXO, typically to express affection or good friendship at the end of a written letter, email or SMS text message, in which, according to most sources, "x" means kisses and "o" means hugs . However, some believe that the symbols "o" and "x" are reversed, with "o" meaning kisses and "x" meaning hugs, although this interpretation is seemingly less popular"

The next time someone "X X X" me - I'm going to ask! :P

Ho Ho Ho!

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megan Says:

ha, i've always wondered that too!

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