I've always enjoyed reading. I love reading well written sentences which flows to make a smooth paragraph. I like how when sentences are put together thoughtfully, it offers the ability to convey something which would otherwise be hidden in the mumble jumble of the world. I often think that only one with talent can write those sentences. But I realised now that it relies more on effort than talent.

Blogging (web logging) has made it easier for anyone to voice their opinion or get their publication out in the world. However, reading blogs (especially mine :P), it became obvious that "editor" is there for a reason.

The sentences in those books that I enjoyed reading have been written over and over and over again before it is edited by the assistant editor, and then finely combed through by the main editor. In comparison, I typed up this post in less than 10 minutes. No draft. No editor. (Hence - the quality :P)

I have abused the ease and simplicity that Blogger has offer for bloggers and have lost the enjoyment, satisfaction and pride that should comes with creating a great piece of writing because of it.


Anyhow, it is great that anyone can voice their opinions and share their love or passion about something through blogging, but perhaps I should re-read my post a few times and let it rest for a little bit before I post it up. Perhaps also, when I think I'm just rambling and I don't see the point of chatting about something (but I type it anyway), I should stop and not post it up. But then again, it depends, why am I blogging? Am I blogging for other people to read? Or am I just blogging as an outlet?

Something to ponder upon.

Meanwhile, there is this blog which I came across today and would like to publicize. It is very simple, but full of purpose. It also kept me engaged in the posts (if not for any other reason than because it's about food!!!).
Fed Up: School Lunch Project

It's pretty good. I like the lunch food shots. I love the honesty in the reviews. I enjoy finding out what's on offer in the school cafeteria (most probably because I've only seen this type of lunches in TV's school scenes cause I did go to school in Indonesia and the food is quite different. Probably not that much different in the nutritional level, but different packaging and taste. :P)

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