Project Status Report

Bikram Yoga challenge:
I'm in my 6th week and struggling a little to keep it up. But, Shanon's support kept me going (well, that and the worry that I might be too embarrassed to attend anymore classes if I fail this challenge).
Half way through tonight's double class, I'll have exactly 3 more weeks of 6 classes to attend (cause the challenge is for 8 weeks and 3 extra classes on the 9th week).
Completing the full two sets of 26 poses is still often a challenge on its own. There are days where it happens naturally and there are days where it's just not possible. But hey, I'm still progressing through the challenge. :)

Sadly I'm feeling a little bit stale on this end. I feel that the photos I'm taking aren't coming up as exciting as it used to. It feels a bit like I've done this shot before. Then I try to be creative, try to look at things differently, but for some reason ended up with the similar shots.
I've been trying to overcome this with post processing and Lightroom presets.. but it's just not getting me anything special.
Thankfully - the PSC course will be starting next week! I have big hopes on that! :) Actually, WOW - it's next week!!!

Work is better actually - I'm starting to be at peace with it. Getting busy with the things that I do. Appreciate the extra time and flexibility that I get from this "new-ish" position that I'm in. I also appreciate the challenge of viewing things from design perspective, not from development perspective. So, it's good. Things are great.

Well, we have another Paragliding weekend at Bright coming up (hopefully the weather will cooperate). I'm semi looking forward to it. A bit scared (:P) cause I plan to fly solo this time. But definitely looking forward to another lovely weekend away with Shanon. :)
There is also Skydiving coming up (during the Chinese New Year / Valentine's Day weekend).
After that, I have Hamilton Island short break with the gals at the end of Feb and .... *insert drumroll* am visiting Taiwan with my lovely sister in August (super looking forward to this!!!).

Not much else is new.
I should be doing more house errands and cooking but I'm not.
TV episodes, Style Boutique (DS) and chick lits have been taking up all my free time..
Not exactly ideal, but it makes me happy. :P

Life is good. :) Scratch that! Life is GREAT! :)

tee hee hee!

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