The Photo Argus

Big thanks to Flixelpix for retweeting the link of "20 Interesting Shots of Abandoned Toys". It introduced me to The Photo Argus.

What is that (... Pokemon!)?
"The Photo Argus is a resource for photographers novice to advanced. We bring you useful information, inspiration, technique, photographer showcases and more."

What I know so far is that it is full of awesome photography! Definitely worth checking out for photography enthusiasts!

My personal favorite inspiration so far:
25 delicious examples of food photography - I would love for my shot to be featured amongst these. :)
and ... 60 Inspiring Examples of Black and White Photography | The Photo Argus - A Photographer's Resource

Around the same topic, have a look at these photography gallery of RMIT students. They are impressive.
3rd Year 2006 | 3rd Year 2008 (BA) | Diploma Year 2008

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