Friday: The Wisdom Day

Either its from the past few weeks of doing lots of Bikram Yoga or I'm just at that great point in life (being the start of a new year and all), I've been feeling happy, balanced and content.

This week, I've been waking up early for work, cruise through the day with results, have healthy lunch, do some more work, leave work for yoga, have yummy dinner, do home or personal things for a bit, and bed time. Sleep has been deep and invigorating - which in turns makes the next cycle a lot easier. I've also been sneaking in enjoyable chick lits read which I haven't done for a while (not sure why - it's very relaxing!).

Three weeks into the Bikram Yoga challenge, I can honestly say I'm glad to be doing it (which is surprising - even for me). Unfortunately, doing the complete class is still a rare occasion for me (I'm still struggling through the mental discipline part) - but I think it's somewhat improving. Having publicly sign up for the challenge means I have no choice but to go to my 6 classes weekly and see this challenge through (how else am I going to go back to see the instructors??). This definitely clears up my prioritising of daily tasks or routines and I like it.

The challenge has also reminded me of how much I like to be occupied and actively doing things, which is good. Because when PSC classes begin in a few weeks, I'll definitely be busy. After tonight's Bikram Yoga class, I have 5 more weeks and 3 extra classes to complete. I'm so sure that when the time come for Hamilton Island trip with the gals (right at the completion of the challenge), it will feel very much like a HUGE reward. :)

Moving on the wisdom side...

A while ago I came across these posts that I've been meaning to blog about, so here goes:
1. "The Only Way to Become Amazingly Great at Something". I believe it and I'm planning to prove the concept by applying it to my latest passion of Photography. Hence, The Visual Weekly blog and the enrollment of PSC part time course.
2. How People Let Other People Compromise Their Happiness (P1) |
3. 2 More Ways People Let Others Compromise Their Happiness (P2) |

Something for us to ponder about over the weekend.
Have a lovely one, peeps.
I'm off paragliding with hubby. Wish me luck! :P

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