For the Love of Freezer!

This is fairly random but I feel the need to blog about it and it is MY blog so I get to choose what I want to blog about. :P

Yesterday afternoon - I had MASSIVE chocolate craving that I just HAD to satisfy or else I will go crazy. So I walked out of the office across the street to The Commune. I've always been tempted by their cake selection whenever I happen to be there for coffee or quick grab to go brekky. Standing there, I was torn between a medium piece of "Flourless Chocolate Cake" for $3 or a rather larger piece of "Chocolate Mud Cake with Walnuts" $3.50. My greedy mind opt for the larger piece (hey - I've always think that chocolate is best taken with walnut! :P).

Walking back to the office with this large piece of Chocolate Mud Cake with Walnuts, the guilt was overwhelming. I was picking on it the whole way through and by the time I got to my desk, I was stuffed (hmm not that surprising, considering I did have a big lunch... Yummy Curry Katsu Don from O Bento at 45 Collins St).

Luckily, I remembered that I am Yoga-ing in a couple of hours time and because there is nothing comfortable about a Bikram Yoga session on stuffed tummy, I managed to stop eating the cake. But I can't throw it away. It is wayyy too delicious and my Chinese brain wouldn't let me waste delicious food! :P). I can't offer it to others cause I've been picking on it with my grubby fingers.

Hmmm - what's a girl to do?

Well, I thank Carl Paul Gottfried von Linde and the crews for their work on Refrigerator (Refrigerator History - Invention of the Refrigerator)! :P

I cut the remaining of the cakes into small pieces and pop them into the work freezer! They are super yummy of the freezer! Oh yes, I would know because I just had a few pieces today. :)

So, the next time you are stuck with leftover chocolate cake - try it! :)

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