The Next Big Thing

The Bikram Yoga challenge is officially over and done with for me. (YAY!!!)
I was considering moving on to the 60 day cooking challenge straightaway.
But then I realised that my head isn't exactly there, it's deep in photography.
The 3 day trip with the gals gave me a chance to work on my photos (both post-processing and shooting), which makes me want to do more.

Now, between organizing photo walks and events to feed the Visual Weekly entries and 10 shots to bring in to PSC class weekly;
6 hour weekly PSC classes;
attending different events to give me better chance to take different styles of photos;
post-processing my backlogs of photos;
and other errands/routines/work-stuffs that I have,
I'm left with literally not much time to breathe and rest (and mmmm.. the fact that I use the time to constantly munch doesn't really help =P).

Oh well!
It's all good.
I am excitedly counting down the days to these events in which I'll be practising my photography skill, i.e.:
  • Melbourne Food & Wine 2010: Heat Beads Hawkers Market - which I'm attending with Lia & Shanon

  • LMFF (L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival)

  • Jamie Oliver Live Session in HiSense Arena - which I'm attending with Gemma & Franca

  • The PSC photography field trip is getting closer (last weekend in March!)

  • Plus - there is likelihood (fingers crossed) that I'll be doing pre-wedding photo shoot with Eddy in a month time (first weekend in April!)

With all those in mind, I really should put time and effort in properly setting up my photography business plan / setup.

Hmmm... Thoughts? Suggestions? Tips/Tricks? Help?

3 Response to "The Next Big Thing"

Rilsta Says:

Congrats on finishing the Bikram challenge!

I'm not sure whether you would see my reply to you on my blog in time, but basically, it is fine for you to bake the scones a day in advance! It tastes best on the same day, but still fine the next day or two maximum.

ms s loveridge Says:

Thanks Rilsta! :)
Much appreciated ;) Will try and post pictures on the scones baking experience :P

Rilsta Says:

Hi again. Just in case you don't see my reply on my blog, a cup is an Australian cup so 250ml. In the recipe the cup size doesn't matter so long as the size of the cup and the ratios remain the same.

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