The Road to Recovery

After all that good couple of months focusing on the Bikram Yoga challenge, I gotta admit that I haven't been on my best behaviour the past few days.
I've been eating badly (all sorts of junk food) as if it's that time of the month (and it isn't!!!), wasting away my precious time on Facebook or mindless web browsing with no purpose, over dosing myself on low quality chocolates/sweets and many more other bad things.

Being away from Yoga practice for the past 4 days (2 days at Nagambie and 2 evenings in PSC classes) haven't helped the way I feel either.

I'm convinced that I'm an addict.
Of what?
Of Facebook, junk food, anything that is bad for me.

I also convinced myself that it's not my fault, that it's out of my control, and that it can't be helped.
But someone at work reminded me today that the first step towards recovery, is admitting that I have a problem.
So here I am, taking the first step, gaining back the control of my life!

It's the last week of my Yoga challenge and because I only have to do 3 classes, it doesn't exactly feel like I'm still doing the challenge.
I am grateful for it though and I will be nervously entering the studio soon.
The practice can be a bit scary after being away for 4 days...

Anyway - go away you bad things! Shoooo!!! Shooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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