Life Lesson

"Fill your days with the things YOU want to do or things that have meaning to you.
Once you start doing that, you'll notice the eagerness to welcome Monday morning to start your week."

I have always been the one to do things because I should, because I have to, because it's impolite to decline an invite, and so on and so forth.
Silly me.
Not only it's bad for me to do that, it's also bad for the people around me.
I'm constantly grumpy, unhappy, and complaining that I have to do this and that; when the only reason I "have" to do them, is because I made myself do them.

Live life to the fullest!

By the way, I sky-dived on Valentine's Day!
The free fall during skydiving was exhilarating to the max. It was intense and crazy, but I wouldn't exactly call it scary.
It's definitely not like anything I've ever done, and I am really glad I've done it.
The parachute part was lovely.
The instructor let me control the chute for a while, and then he also AWESOMELY spiral-ed us!
The experience definitely entices me to pursue the paragliding course further. :)

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