Happy Valentine's Day

"For Boris...
Thank you for showing me love."

As a human being, I have many limitations that I am constantly working to identify and where possible, overcome. I have always enjoyed seeing the progress of this process.

The latest life part that I am focusing on is how I am in relationships (with Shanon, with family, with close friends, and everyone else). I have been paying close attention to my feelings toward them and how I express them. Not too much to be classified as being self conscious (I hope!) but enough to be aware of my actions/words and what they are projecting to them.

It's been great. I feel that I'm making better decisions (in actions/words) and because of it the relationships blossomed, which in turns makes me happy and all set to celebrate Valentine's Day 2010 while skydiving (hope I survive!).

Bonus link: The Happiness Project: In which I become enraged with my husband and lose my temper. One very well written post which does the job of sending out the reminder of "there is only love".

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