60 Day Challenge, Bikram Yoga and More Challenges

I have exactly 10 more classes to do before I officially completed my 60 day challenge.
I probably could have done better and actually commit to the promise of doing full class every time - but that might mean that I won't get pass the first few days of the challenge.
So, for now, I'm plain happy that I am well into seeing the challenge through to the end.

So far...
I feel fitter, toned, and think clearer (or so I think).
I have learned corrections for quite a few of the poses (not sure what this indicates seeing that I have practised for over 2 years! Why am I still fixing my poses?)
I also noticed the different way the teachers teach and learned to just accept that.
I get annoyed and think I'm being judged constantly and I decided to let go of this.
I noticed that I prefer classes with just enough heat but not too hot that makes it impossible for me to push the poses.
I don't like pro-longed poses, but the teachers don't care about this do they?

The practice varies quite a lot, from one end of the extreme to another.
There are days where each pose is impossible right from the very beginning, and there are days where I go through them swimmingly (don't you just love those days!).
There are also days where it just feel good to be in the hot room, relaxing, stretching, meditating.


Anyhow - I have found that the 60 day challenge is a great way to try something properly and get yourself familiar with it.
It just works!
Because you are committing to do it 6 times a week for nearly 10 weeks... you somehow find a way to adapt to it, to cope with it, to get it done efficiently and effectively.
It's the best way of "making a habit" out of something.

Which is why when I'm done with the Bikram Yoga challenge, I'm planning to do a 60 day challenge with 6 home cooked meals a week (and I'm not talking about microwave cooking or instant noodle!).
Note: If you are thinking "It's not a challenge at all - I've been cooking 6 home cooked meals weekly!"; please know that the past year, I probably averaged at one home cooked meal a week - at the maximum!! :P

Hmmm - why cooking?

1. I LOVE my food. I do. Love them with PASSION! Ask anyone who knows me. Nothing gets me talking as animatedly as when I'm talking about food.
I eat out quite a lot (way more than I actually would like to!) and it bothers me, because when you eat out too often, you appreciate it less.
Plus, I've always wanted to be able to host "meal gatherings" (Not that I want to do it all the time - but I just want to have the option to serve my food proudly instead of apologetically when I do do it!)

2. I have plentiful print out recipes, cook books (awesome ones like Nigella Express, Bill Granger's Everyday, two of Jamie Oliver's - see a chatterbox's pensieve: Yay! Cookbooks Festive!)!
This will be a great opportunity to make use of them!
6 home cooked meals a week isn't that difficult now is it?
If I can spare over 15 hours a week on Bikram Yoga, surely I can put in similar effort into cooking for over 9 weeks!

3. Cooking skill is an investment!

4. I have less tendency to overeat when I'm making the food! :P

5. As an incentive to keep me going, at the end of it... I could use the saved up dining out money and splash it on a repeat affair with "Vue de Monde" (see a chatterbox's pensieve: Vue de Monde: The Love Affair) before they move location! Hmm... what a great idea!!! :) (Hopefully I'll get to try the Chocolate Cigar this time!)

'Nuff said for now - will talk more when I'm starting it.

On a totally not linked topic, I got a reminder from my "Past Self" to go do sky diving (see 43things: shelviaw that I created in 2006!) last week.
I must have been a psychic in my previous life - cause I am going sky diving! Next week! :P

Back to the challenge topic... I've been quite tempted to jump on the Project_365 bandwagon!
Seeing Techy Girl's Project 365 Photoset and pritoodi (Pretty)'s Photoset tickles my desire to have one of my own.
Plus, that might help publicize http://www.shelvialoveridge.com.
It would also work really well with the PSC course (seeing that I have to submit 10 images weekly!) and might be good to increase the photography business potential...

But hmm - I do have to be careful not to go overboard and spread myself too thin amongst too many different things all at once..
That's a recipe for failure!
So, we'll see!

Ciao for now. Yoga practise tomorrow!

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