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Digital Photography School rocks! It is an awesome site full of tips, tricks, references, reviews, or whatever on Photography!

Here's some important posts to get you started on Photography:
- 11 Tips for Beginner Photographers
- 7 Steps to Becoming a Confident Photographer: a Beginner’s Guide
- Moving Toward Manual Settings: Understanding Aperture (a beginner’s guide)
- Moving Toward Manual Settings: Understanding Shutter Speed (a beginner’s guide)
- Moving Toward Manual Settings: Understanding ISO (a beginner’s guide)
- A Few Principles To Help With Your Photography | Waitin' On a Moment - by Tim Gruber | NYC Photographer
- How to Be a Curious Photographer
- 7 Ways to Get Your Photos Seen
- 100 Things I’ve Learned About Photography + 20 More Things I’ve Learned about Photography

Now, if you're considering opting to do Photography for a living (DON'T!!! Let me do it instead! :P), here's some great links on the subject:
- How to Set the Price for Your Photography - this is important! :P
- Browse through Tim Gruber blog (begin here: Making money doing what you love? | Waitin' On a Moment - by Tim Gruber | NYC Photographer and Photographing for a living: a joy or a chore? | Waitin' On a Moment - by Tim Gruber | NYC Photographer), he has some really good words on the topic.

On portfolio (in addition to the links in finding my way around ...: Small Steps Toward Becoming a Professional Photographer)
- How to Present Your Photographic Portfolio and Get Photography Work
- 5 Tips for Building Your Photography Portfolio

And just because I love lens flare - this article come highly recommended, 5 Tips for Achieving Artistic Lens Flare: How To.

Bonus links: 12 Ways to Add Randomness and Creativity to Your Photography and Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials on Composition.

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Gabriella Says:

Dear Acchatterbox, these links for photography are sweet!!! I especially like the one showing how to get a lens flare. I am just now getting into photography and bookmarked these links! Very professional and I will definitely be back to have a bite of more.
Thank you for sharing.
Cheers, Gaby
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ms s loveridge Says:

Thank you Gaby! :)
Glad to be of help.

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