Small Steps Toward Becoming a Professional Photographer

There is a few things that I've thought of trying out to begin with...

1. Volunteer to take photos for restaurants;
2. Weekend photo project with friends or family;
3. Offer to take couple shots for people who just got engaged;
4. Freelance work for magazine doing commercial shoot;
5. Helping family take shots of their kids;
6. Offering to charity magazine to help them take certain shots for the magazine (which reminds me of Peter Parker in Spiderman!);
7. Taking tourists shots while they're out and about;
8. Help Portrait: Charity

I think they are all fun and interesting way to open up the path towards becoming a Professional Photographer.
In fact, I nearly try out #6 but I didn't.
Because I think I need a portfolio to back me up to do that.

Hmm... I guess it is clear what my next step should be now.
Some links on portfolio:
* A Few Things about your Photography Portfolio | Waitin' On a Moment - by Tim Gruber | NYC Photographer
* 10 Steps To The Perfect Portfolio Website - Smashing Magazine
* What Grade Your Photography Portfolio Deserves? | FlashMint Blog
* How to Build your Photography Portfolio - Digital Camera Reviews & Photography Tips

I could probably wait till the PSC course start, but I think that would be a silly thing to do.
I am going to build one now and ask for feedback as to how to improve it. :)
My fingers and brain are itching to get this started already!!!

Should I go for or

Update on 19th January 2009: it is! :)

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