What Am I Trying to Achieve by ....?

I have just discover how powerful this question actually is.
Not as powerful as "What Would You Do If You Only Had a Short Time to Live? (Zen Habits)" but still have very strong impact.

The question was cooking in my head during my Yoga class last night (as usual..).
It began with my mind wondering about how best to approach the "Pursuing my Passion on Photography".
I was thinking about how I am going to make my work valuable.
Wondering about what is it that I believe I have to offer that do not currently exist in the market.
What is my niche?

The thought bubbles keep popping up ...
"what am I trying to achieve by doing the photography course?"
"what about this 60 day bikram yoga challenge?"
"what about the paragliding lesson?"
"why have i always wanted to try out sky diving?"
so on and so forth...

Then I realised that, hey I could really make use of these questions.

For example, because I thought properly about the Bikram Yoga challenge before I commit to it, it is easier for me to put in the effort of completing it.
The reason that I chose to do it was because I wanted to complete a physical challenge.
That is a very clear thing that I just want to overcome.
I've never been a competitive person, so the challenge makes sense - because I'm doing something tough - but I'm not competing with anyone.
Doing it alone and for myself.

Now, before the PSC course starts - I will think about what is it I'm trying to achieve by doing the course.
Knowing what I want to get out of it will definitely make it easier to actually get the best value out of the course.

On that weekend of the paragliding course - when it was SUPER DUPER hot, and it was kinda frightening to be running off the hill, the thing that kept me going was ...
I'm doing this because I want to try out flying solo.
There's something about being up there in the air alone.
It just come across to be meditative and calming.

So, there... before you commit to something big and difficult, make sure you stop and think... what is it you're trying to achieve?
It would help you through the rough patch!

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