PSC: Goals & Questions to be Answered

By the end of the 1st semester of PSC course, I'd like to have the following questions answered:
* What are my strengths? preliminary of course... I know that this one is a bit of a constant learning thing
* What are my weaknesses? as above.
* Basic on how to get income out of photography: What's the career options? What's the business options?
* What is the "thing" that distinguish professional photographer and casual photographer?
* Who are the big guys in the industry in Melbourne or Australia?
* How best to prepare images for printing?
* How best to brand my images?
* Get some understanding of how the commercial photography world works. The rules? The law? The people?

* Editorial skill (Show only your best photo!)
* A decent portfolio
* Understanding of shutter speed, aperture, exposure
* Colour coordination skill
* Advanced composition skill
* Lighting skill

I'll keep adding to this list as I thought of them!

PS: Check out this cool new-ish magazine, Box Magazine, that I came across for the first time last night at La Camera, South Yarra. It's pretty good and all the profit of the magazine goes to charity!

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