Post #100: The Cooking Challenge

A couple weeks ago I went to watch Jamie Oliver Live in Hi-Sense Arena show.
Since then, I have gotten rather addicted to his style of cooking.
The fact that he's good looking helps I suppose.

I've started watching The Naked Chef (the first season).
I've also watched the New York episode of Jamie's America show.

He's one charming person and he just seems to have so much fun when he's cooking.
I almost get jealous that he gets to cook (well - that's until I realised that I too get to cook, if I want to! :P)

Anyhow, a while ago I talked about cooking challenge.
I think it's about time I get on to it.
I plan to start it on the 12th April (post Easter craziness), which means that it will finished the week of 20th Jun.
Same rules as Bikram Yoga challenge, one cooking a day, 6 days a week, which can be made up with double, triple or quadraple cooking a day when necessary.
Cooking can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, but heating up food doesn't count.

A few really good recipes that I'm already dying to try out:
* Fig and Cherry's Spicy Creamed Chicken
* jamie o's roast chicken with lemon and rosemary roast potatoes
* jamie o's roasted chicken breast with cherry tomatoes and asparagus
* jamie o's pasta peperonata
* jamie o's stuffed french toast
* jamie o's fresh asian noodle salad
* jamie o's three cheese risotto
* Taste's Tangy Thai chicken salad

Some other things that I can't stop thinking about!
* Chicken / Duck Sausage Roll
* Bill Granger's Ricotta Pancake
* Blueberry Muffin (those cafe style ones that I love, with the split top!)
* Lemon Cheesecake
* Banana Bread?
* Jamie O's Naked Chef's recipes: the bread? the lemon tart? the oven fruit?
* More recipes from my Jamie O's or Nigella's or Gordon's or Bill's cookbooks!

Hmmmmmm - yummmmmmmmmmmm.... :D I'm excited!
I imagined it would be fruitful, and somewhat fun. :)

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