Cooking #6 & The Challenge

I've shamelessly told people about the cooking challenge, only to find out that, "In life, TIMING is EVERYTHING!"

I only managed to make five things this week and a cheat meal...Instant Noodle with Squid for Shanon's dinner tonight (yes, I'm lucky to have an understanding husband when it comes to food, unlike some people, me for example...) :P
I'm going to have to settle with that and try do better next week.

In my defense, I couldn't have picked any busier week, hence the "timing" quote.
Monday and Tuesday night, PSC class.
Wednesday and Thursday night, Bikram Yoga.
Friday night, the spectacular Ron Mueck at NGV with Shanon, Anna and Eddy.
Saturday, Bikram Yoga, snowboarding nearly final equipment hunt, photo session at Williamstown, dinner at Dainty.
Sunday, friends' pre-wedding full day photo session.

Geez - I miss the Bikram Yoga challenge days where my focus is only to make it to the class 6x a week.

Some lessons from this first week of cooking challenge:
1. Need to do two grocery shopping trips a week as the fruits/veges/fresh produces don't last the week, so I've decided to try and make it Saturday + Wednesday.
2. Should try and pile all unused veges and delicate herbs to soups or pasta sauce.
3. Pile on canned tomatoes at home, and stock chicken in the freezer!
4. Most importantly, I should have left LCM bar to the Kellog's. Gosh - it's messy (Psst.... I even started imagining how much of a nightmare it would be for a LCM bar making machine to explode and splat everything everywhere!!!!!)! Unable to eat them freely as I know the amount of sugar and fat that goes into this home-made bar, despite it tasting quite yummy. Plus, not sure how I'm going to give it to people as it doesn't exactly look tidy. Hmmmmm!5. Don't blog and tell everyone about a challenge in the beginning! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :P

Well, it's very tricky to stick with the planned menu when taking into accounts my food brain.
It keeps thinking of something different to what I had planned out the Sunday before this week!

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