Digital Photography School Highlights

I recently read these 3 articles and I found them VERY informative and useful.
Thought I should share! :)

Learning about Exposure – The Exposure Triangle - I especially like "The Window" metaphors! Explains a lot to me! :)

9 Tips for Getting Backgrounds Right - Especially the "Protruding elements from the subjects heads"! Interestingly, this was pointed out to me over and over again this past week by Liliana, Eddy, Glenn! :)

How should I clean my DSLR’s lens? - I have this black dot that I can see in my view finder, but not exactly visible in my images. I find it extremely annoying, but is it worth spending $77 for a CCD clean? Hmmmmm! I might try proper blower first...

Good nite!

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Simon Food Favourites Says:

those damn protruding objects behind subjects always seem to make their way in on the best shots :-)

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