Craving Mascarpone Cheese

Mascarpone cheese is an Italian cheese made from milk which has been amended with cream, so that it has a very high butterfat content. The resulting cheese is very rich, creamy, and spreadable; the precise texture varies from very soft, like crème fraîche, to more stiff, like butter, depending on how it is handled during the cheesemaking process. This cheese is native to the Lombardy region of Italy, where it is used in both desserts and savory foods.
-- from Wisegeek.
Not so long ago, I tried out Bruschetta smeared with Mascarpone Cheese in Ecco, one of my favorite Italian pizza/pasta restaurant and I fell in love.
A few weeks after that, I had Tiramisu Cake at Chappelis and again, the mascarpone was finger-licking good!
Then I watched Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef and he talked about the creaminess, the richness, the ommppphh that mascarpone give to a baked fruit dish (see this thread!).

Because my brain has been clogged up lately with constant flow of thoughts / tasks / lists to be processed, my mascarpone craving realisation only comes through today.

Now that the realisation is there, I googled and found a few recipes loaded with mascarpone for one of the cooking challenge week. Here we go...
- Easy Tiramisu Recipe | Food |
- Chicken With Pesto And Mascarpone Recipe - (swapping Pancetta with caramelised onions ***)
- Orzo with Green Garlic and Mascarpone; Green Garlic - Thyme For Cooking, the Blog (Orzo = Risoni = Rice shaped pasta)
- Once upon a cakestand...: mascarpone lasagne for the lazy cook (swapping ham with honey chicken slices and caramelised onions ***)
- strawberry-mascarpone filled cupcakes « A Nutritionist Eats

Also, here's a few non mascarpone recipes worth noting down which I stumbled upon while google-ing mascarpone cheese...
- The Sweet Kitchen: fusilli with roasted veggies and mozzarella;
- Erbe in cucina - Ricetta: Pasta alla carbonara vegetariana;
- Totally Addicted To Taste: Best Ever Italian Meatballs with Simple Tomato Sauce;
- Jamie Oliver’s Dan Dan Noodles « Spatula, Spoon and Saturday;
- Chocolate & Peanut Butter Lava Cakes - JENIUS
- and Asparagus soup recipe (creamy asparagus soup with poached egg on toast) | Soup recipes & starter recipes | Jamie Oliver recipe.

Happy Cooking & Eating!

*** If you don't eat red meats like my hubby, read this article Tea & Cookies: Bacon of the Vegetarian World!

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